Klos Diamond Center Lifetime Diamond Warranty Policy

We will replace any diamond, which in normal use chips, cracks, or separates from its mounting and is lost, with a diamond of equal retail value for the purchaser's lifetime, provided the diamond and mounting have been cleaned and checked at least every FOUR months and that such inspection has been verified by Klos Diamond Center’s computer database at the time and date of inspection.

The Lifetime Warranty will be considered invalid should the purchaser have the ring worked on by any jeweler other than Klos Diamond Center . We may recommend replacing a prong and/or other parts of the mounting in order to eliminate the possibility of a loss of any diamond. In the event that such repair or replacement is required, you may be charged a nominal fee.

This Lifetime Warranty does not apply to or cover accidental loss or theft of the diamond and mounting. We urge you to insure your diamond jewelry for casualty loss. Consult your insurance agent for proper coverage.

Your Lifetime Warranty will be honored when you bring your ring into Klos Diamond Center. Remember, you must have your diamond ring inspected every FOUR months and the inspections verified in Klos Diamond Center ‘s database under your name to keep your Lifetime Warranty current.


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